Food4Skin 14 : Try Me Skin Care by : Mindy Tedja

Do you wish for a brighter, healthier skin but have limited budget for skin care? Fret no more because today i have a whole range of brightening skin care series which are high quality but have a very affordable price tags from a local Indonesian brand called Try Me ^^.
Try Me Brightening Series Skin Care – IDR 280,000
If you’re not familiar with the name yet, let me tell you a little bit about them first. Try Me is an Indonesian beauty brand that has been registered since 2016 (so yeah, they are pretty new). All of their products are BPOM registered (so you definitely do not have to worry about the safety of their products), paraben free and without animal testing. Checked for all points in my “must pass” list!
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Brand “Tryme” adalah produk kecantikan di Indonesia yang telah terdaftar sejak tahun 2016. Bermula dari keinginan untuk menjawab harapan dari pengguna produk perawatan kulit wajah untuk mendapatkan produk yang mencerahkan kulit secara aman, efektif, dan tanpa efek samping.

Dengan menggunakan formulasi terbaik yang berkualitas mengandung bahan-bahan alami dan bahan bahan pilihan terbaik yang sudah teruji laboratorium, Tryme akan menjadikan produk kecantikan unggulan di Indonesia.

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